Bus Driver Authority Penrith Course

Bus Driver Authority Penrith courses are held at Core Driving School on a regular basis, We are an heavy vehicle training organisation and an innovative provider for Heavy Vehicle competency based training and assessments as well as Bus Driver Authority Penrith surrounding area.

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We aim to provide the best quality training through our various programs. Our school values safety and ensures all drivers we train are fully qualified to perform their jobs in a safe and competent manner.

We prepare truck and bus drivers to be well-skilled and provide high standard training for a variety of heavy vehicle licensing courses such as LR, MR, HR & HC Truck Licences, Forklift Truck Training and Bus Driver Authority Penrith surrounding area.


  • Bus and bus only lanes

Bus and bus only lanes are marked by signs, or by lane markings. Public buses constructed principally to carry persons and equipped to seat more than eight adults, including the driver, and used to convey passengers for hire or reward, or in the course of trade or business, may use these lanes.

Priority for buses… other vehicles drivers should give way to a bus displaying the give way sign in a built up area, when the bus is about to enter or proceed in the lane or line of traffic and the bus is in front of the driver. You are still required to obey the road rules when entering the traffic.

Bus Driver Authority Penrith

Bus Driver Authority Penrith


At Core Driving School we educate, train and assess for Heavy Vehicle licensing. Conducting training and assessment for up to 15 criteria’s. For all our heavy vehicle courses we provide a high standard ensuring all new truck and bus drivers are found competent of handling a heavy vehicle. Includes the fundamental skills that every capable truck and bus driver needs, as well as safety courses such as Safe Operation of Heavy Vehicles and Defensive Driving capabilities for all class of heavy vehicle licence’s.