Bus Driver Authority Course In Sydney

At Core Driving School we hold the bus driver authority course in Sydney on a regular basis. We are an heavy vehicle training organisation and an innovative provider for Heavy Vehicle competency based training and assessments as well as Bus Driver Authority course in Sydney surrounding area.

Our aim is to provide the best quality training through our various programs. Our school values safety and ensures all drivers we train are fully qualified to perform their jobs in a safe and competent manner.

We prepare truck and bus drivers to be well-skilled and provide high standard training for a variety of heavy vehicle licensing courses. These courses are LR, MR, HR & HC Truck Licences, Forklift Truck Training and Bus Driver Authority course. In addition, these are offered in Sydney and surrounding areas.

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  • Lane changing

As a heavy vehicle operator it is very important to check that the road is clear when you want to change lanes, or when lanes merge. You also need to check before leaving the kerb and before turning. You must look in the appropriate mirrors and do blind spot head checks before making any of these moves. In a heavy vehicle it is also essential to check down the side door in the cabin.

  • Being Overtaken

If it is safe, move into the left lane to allow faster moving traffic to overtake. It is illegal and dangerous to direct following vehicles to overtake, using your hand or the indicator. You may be encouraging and inexperienced driver to attempt an unsafe move.

Our Bus Driver Authority course in Sydney will assure your learning are no less than perfect. Conducting training and assessment for up to 15 criteria’s. For all our heavy vehicle courses we provide a high standard ensuring all new truck and bus drivers are found competent of handling a heavy vehicle. Includes the fundamental skills that every capable truck and bus driver needs, as well as safety courses such as Safe Operation of Heavy Vehicles and Defensive Driving capabilities for all class of heavy vehicle licence’s.

Bus Driver Authority Course in Sydney

Bus Driver Authority Course in Sydney