Truck Driver Training Sydney

The last few days of Truck driver training have been fantastic, especially when you have a great bunch of Guys doing their Truck courses. It's always a pleasure dealing with people that have a a great personality and a sense of humour. People like Rebecca, Jenn and Thomas that have been doing their NSW Ambulance paramedics course through Uni. All you guys have been a fantastic bunch and we wish you all the best going through the last few steps of your long journey. Knowing how close you are to … [Read more...]

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Sydney

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Course Get Your Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Sydney in 1.2.3 easy steps, first you would need to pass the RMS Knowledge test. Second you would need to complete training with us and pass your final assessment with us as well. Medium Rigid (MR) Vehicles include these following..Trucks and buses with a GVM more than 8 tonnes and 2 axles. Any towed trailer must not weigh more than 9 tonnes GVM. To apply for a MR Truck LIcence you must have held a class C licence or … [Read more...]

Light Rigid LR Licence Course At Core Driving School

LR licence course – Light Rigid At Core Driving School we conduct light rigid LR truck licence courses 7 days a week. All University candidates that are going for the NSW Paramedics/Ambulance services have special rates with us and we would be happy to assist with one-on-one training at our Wetherill Park training facility. Our friendly staff and assessors are committed to ensuring your learning and experience at Core Driving School are no less than perfect with a passing success rate of … [Read more...]

How to get a LR, MR, HR, HC Truck Licence

TRUCK TRAINING WITH CORE DRIVING SCHOOL In order to hold a Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence, you first must complete a Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)  with the RMS. Once DKT is completed, you can choose Truck Training Course with a school of your choice. Once you have passed your DKT, you would receive 2 books (Guide book & Log book). We would need the guide book to train and educate you on all the necessary criteria's and the Log book to be filled out on all the training components/criteria's … [Read more...]

HR Truck Licence Sydney… BOOK NOW!!!

HR TRUCK LICENCE SYDNEY We would like to thank and congratulate Anthony, Ali, Aaron, Sasha and Ashour for being with us today and completing the LR, MR and HR Truck Licence in Sydney course. All of you have performed great by completing your truck training course and passing your final assessments. It was hard work especially in the road ranger gear box, but like they say "hard work pays off" and it did at the end. All you guys started with a positive attitude and the ambition … [Read more...]

Bus Driver Authority and HR Truck Licence upgrade

Congrats to Kevin for passing the Bus Driver Authority, we wish you all the best with your new Career and hope to see you soon for HR upgrade. ... for more info on how to obtain the Bus Driver Authority read below or go to this link Bus Driver Authority APPLICANTS MUST: Be at least twenty (20) years of age and Hold an unrestricted/unconditional driver licence issued in NSW. Have held an unrestricted Australian driver licence for a total of at least twelve (12) months in the two (2) years … [Read more...]

Get Your Truck Licence in 3 Easy Steps

Here we have Adam and Luke completing their MR and HR Truck Licence Course with Core Driving School in Wetherill Park. Both Adam and Luke passed the Heavy Vehicle Training and Assessment on the fist day and were extremely exited. it was our pleasure having you both with us and hope you have a safe journey. Enjoy your Trucking Career with your Medium Rigid and Heavy Rigid Truck Licence. Also big thanks to Energy Battery's for being such a great supporter of our school and we hope we can … [Read more...]

Forklift Licence & HR Truck Licence for Yannick

We would like to congratulate all the students that have passed their Truck Licence Courses today. First of all we would like to thank Yannick for coming to us from Coffs Harbour to complete the Forklift and HR Truck Licence. We wish you a safe trip home buddy. Also not to forget Jessica for completing the LR Truck Licence. Jessica has finally done the long and stressful journey to be a part of the NSW Ambulance Paramedics team. We wish you all the best Jess, hope you safe many lives. Btw... … [Read more...]

Gina’s Successful LR Licence and Moving to NSW Ambulance

Congrats to Gina for passing the LR Licence today! Gina needed this Licence so she can join the NSW Ambulance Paramedics Team as her new career. Gina called us with an urge to get the licence by Friday the latest otherwise it could effect her position to join the Paramedics so we squeezed her in this week and she passed the Truck Course with flying colours. We wish you all the best in your new career with the NSW Ambulance and it was a pleasure having you with … [Read more...]

Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence Sydney

Congratulations to all the students who passed their Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence today! James was very happy to pass his HR (Heavy Rigid) Roadranger Truck licence in 1 day, being a great listener makes a difference James found out today as it was the key to success. We struggled the first 60 minutes getting the gears going but James turned it around and started to get the feel for it and pick up the momentum as we went through the day. its always a pleasure training people like James because … [Read more...]