The best provider for licences.

Core Driving School. The best provider for licences. If you have been shopping around for a reliable place where you can get your hr licence, then rest assured that Core Driving School is your go-to place for this vital need. Here you will gain all the vital skills you need to become a competent heavy equipment operator, forklift driver, or even a truck driver. The school which is based in Sydney, offer training to other places such as Newcastle, Central Coast, Campbellton, and Blue … [Read more...]

How to get your MC licence?

How to Get The Mc License? Driving without a license is a legal defect anywhere. You must be a licensed driver who demonstrates that you are qualified and have sufficient capacity to avoid accidents and setbacks. Having a driver's license is essential no matter where you are. Yes, it is not proof that you are the best driver, but legally, you must have an mc licence. Having a license is the best of all. MC - the term refers to multi-combination vehicles. Having this mc licence in your pocket … [Read more...]

Core Driving School – The go-to place for your heavy licences

Why Core Driving School is the best provider for licences. Core Driving School is a provider of classes for anyone interested in becoming a heavy equipment operator, truck driver, forklift driver, or a bus driver. They are based out of Wetherill Park Sydney’s west. Even though they are based in Sydney, they offer training in Newcastle, Campbellton, Central Coast, Penrith, Blue Mountains, and Wollongong areas. They specialize in training drivers who are looking to get their Light Rigid Truck, … [Read more...]

Why Core Driving School is the Best Place to get your HR Licence

Why Core Driving School is the best place to get your HR licence There are many workers out there that will be looking for a great place to get their HR licence. They will need to find somewhere that is reliable, that is reputable and that has the best price possible. It is important that they have a wide variety of time options when the classes can be taken, and that they have great teachers which will ensure that the students understand the material. When it comes to driving a truck, it is … [Read more...]

MR licence – Everything you need to know

What is a MR licence and when will a person need to have one? There are many Australians out there who are curious about what exactly a MR licence is, and in what circumstances they will need to have one. There are many different jobs which will require a MR licence, so it is important that people are informed about what that entails. A MR truck is otherwise known as a Medium Rigid truck (or bus). This means that it has a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of more than 8 tonnes and 2 axles. It also … [Read more...]

Ashleigh Passes the Light Rigid Truck Licence

Ashleigh chose Core Driving School to obtain her Light Rigid Truck Licence in order to complete her NSW Ambulance Service Course. We were very please with Ashleigh's positive attitude towards the course from the early start, Ashleigh learned how to tie down loads via truckers knots, chain and dogs as well as ratchet straps. Early morning pre-operations check was also conducted before getting into the LR Vehicle. Throughout the day Ashleigh learned 14 criteria's, starting with load securing, … [Read more...]

Today’s Students who passed their Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence

HR Student

We would like to congratulate Martin, Luke and Kristy for attending the Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence with us. Each of these students passed on their first test, after just one day’s training. Well done. It was a pleasure having each of you at our Truck Driving School and passing your LR MR & HR Roadranger licences. We wish you all safe driving career in the future. We'd welcome you back if you would like to upgrade to the next level. How to Get your Heavy Vehicle Licence If you'd … [Read more...]