Ashleigh Passes the Light Rigid Truck Licence

Light rigid truck licence

Light Rigid Truck Licence

Ashleigh chose Core Driving School to obtain her Light Rigid Truck Licence in order to complete her NSW Ambulance Service Course. We were very please with Ashleigh’s positive attitude towards the course from the early start, Ashleigh learned how to tie down loads via truckers knots, chain and dogs as well as ratchet straps. Early morning pre-operations check was also conducted before getting into the LR Vehicle.

Throughout the day Ashleigh learned 14 criteria’s, starting with load securing, pre-ops, cabin drill, safe starting engine moving off and returning to kerb shutting down and securing the vehicle, managing steering, managing brakes, gears, managing accelerator, defensive driving behaviours, road rules, reversing manoeuvres, hill stop/start, decent stop/start as well as the Bus stop arrival and departure.

Ashleigh demonstrated safe driving throughout the day and was found competent on all 14 criteia’s, after 30 min of rest she was ready for her final assessment and passed that with flying colours. A pass was needed so she can drive an ambulance in her new career.

Congrats Ashleigh for passing the Light Rigid Truck Licence today. The team at Core Driving School wish you all the best in your new career with the NSW Ambulance.

If you would like to complete the Light Rigid Truck Licence with us just like Ashleigh did, please follow these 3 easy steps.

step 1. Pass your knowledge test with the RMS

step 2. complete your practical training with us

step 3. complete your final assessment with us.

for further info please feel free to contact us via or give us a bell on 0449 82 CORE and we would be pleased to help with all your questions or inquires.