MC/B-Double Licence

b double truck licence

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Tips On Being A Truck Driver

LR Truck Licence Sydney

There are a plethora of tips on truck driving effectively and safely after you have gained your heavy vehicle licence through Core Driving School. It is highly-important to follow the truck training and technical know-how of navigating the heavy vehicle as well as utilising your common sense in certain situations. Safety is of the utmost importance and you should be aware of this at all times. As the time goes on with your truck or bus driving experience, you will build up further skills to … [Read more...]

Core Driving School Offer All The Truck Licences

Whether you are seeking to drive a small truck or bus or a heavy duty or articulated vehicle, Core Driving School offers accredited training and assessment on truck licences. We operate seven days a week so you can schedule in your training around your work and lifestyle commitments and most courses are generally a one-day course and you are assessed by an accredited instructor who will conduct the Heavy Vehicle Competency-Based Assessment (HVCBA). It all depends on what type of career you are … [Read more...]

Multiple Truck Licence Variations

You might have heard of the Light Rigid heavy vehicle licence for smaller passenger buses or small trucks or you might know someone with a Heavy Rigid or Multi-Combination licence as they drive larger trucks and articulated vehicles such as bendy buses but there are more licences available to suit various requirements. The Light Rigid (LR) heavy vehicle licence is the one that provides you with the capability of driving buses such as the Toyota Coaster and small trucks with a Gross Vehicle Mass … [Read more...]