The heavy vehicle driving training courses. 

Do I need a License for driving trucks? Getting the first license for your car is something you will not forget easily. The first time you took your car out and flashed it to your friends at school sticks in your memory for as long as you remember but the wait for getting into the minimum required age is not bearable. Once you reach the age group, you will probably rush to get licensed as soon as possible and might even end up failing the tests leaving you de-motivated forever trying again to … [Read more...]

Your best choice for a HC licence

Why Core Driving School is the Best Choice for your HC License Needs Are you planning to begin your career as a truck driver and want to join a reliable driving school in Sydney that will help you enhance your driving skills and eventually acquire a HC license? If so, this text will inform you what a HC license is and link you with a great driving school that will offer top-notch training classes that will be extremely beneficial with your desires. A HC or Heavy Combination licence is a kind of … [Read more...]