Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence

At Core Driving School we conduct Training and Assessment for Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence and cover area’s in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Penrith, Campbelltown and Wollongong. Providing high quality heavy vehicle training is speciality and It is very important that you are found competent as a safe driver of a heavy vehicle for your safety and that of the public.

medium rigid MR truck licence

medium rigid MR truck licence

Hayleigh has been working in a retail store for some time now and has decided to a change of career by completing the medium rigid MR truck licence. Hayleigh completed the course in 1 day, a full day training and acing the final assessment. Awesome results Hayleigh and we wish you all the best going forward and here are some tips you should take with you for safety.

Low Risk Driving – as a professional driver you should at all time display “low risk driving behaviours” and only drive when you are alert, respect other road users and know how to control your vehicle. Remember that driving is never risk free, but you should aim to drive “low risk” at all times.

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Course

Driving a medium rigid MR truck licence you must keep good observation, speed management and road positioning at all times. Keep a four-secound avoidance space between you and the vehicle in front of you, in wet conditions increase the avoidance space.

At Core Driving School we pride ourselves educating, training and assessing new students in Medium Rigid MR Truck licence. We train and assess up to 15 criteria’s for all our Truck courses including the Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence. In addition to MR Truck Licence we provide a high standard for truck driving that includes the fundamental skills that every capable truck driver needs, as well as safety courses such as Safe Operation of Heavy Vehicles and Defensive Driving capabilities for all class of heavy vehicle licence’s.